Our value proposition

Superior handcrafted effects, made to last. MadeByNative is a highly skilled collective of professional craftspeople and artisans. We provide superior handcrafted effects, for customers who pursue the best. Our success is born out of our desire for authenticity, individuality, precision, quality, innovation, design, and craftsmanship.

In a consistent effort to be mindful of our actions and in alignment with our ethos, we only use natural vegetable-tanned leathers and linen thread. Read more about our leathers and materials.

Our story

We are experienced craftspeople, artisans, designers, taste-makers and trend-setters. Together, we specialise in creating and curating hand-crafted effects. Founded on an appreciation and love for the classically designed, we have a desire to create and curate lasting products that improve with age. We take the best skills, craft and tried and tested methods from around the world to produce effects that reflect harmony, beauty and quality. Everything we produce is meticulously designed and crafted. In a consistent effort to be mindful of our actions and in alignment with our ethos, we follow what we term as 'conscious consumption'. In a fast moving, mechanised world, we take our time to consider the details. While a large amount of manmade products are made for short term use, disposable and incongruous with the environment, we strive to produce products that last and, ultimately, perish without a trace. This belief influences our choices and behaviour towards the environment and society. Our vision is to be at the forefront of a global renaissance in exquisite hand-crafted effects.

Our promise


All our products are handmade to order. Please allow upto 3 weeksfor production time.