Saddle stitching


Once the pieces are cut by hand and the edges bevelled and hot stamped, each piece is meticulously stitched by hand. Saddle stitching is a distinguished trademark of our craft and remains stronger than machine lock stitching to this day. 

The ancient art of saddle stitching uses two harness needles at the same time, which means twoneedles are placed through the same hole, doubling on strength. Using the two needles ensures that if a single stitch breaks, the remaining line of the stitch is unaffected and will not unravel like machine stitching. The combination of our hand-waxed linen thread and saddle stitching makes our products extremely durable and long-lasting.



The edges of any leather item are important to finish. Once leather is cut, the raw edge needs to be treated. As we bevel (round off the corners) all the edges, we burnish them to seal and protect the cut pieces. Each edge is moistened with water and laurel leaf soap and then hand burnished with a soft, rounded wooden tool. This process fuses the fibres of the leather together thanks to friction and heat, protecting the leather from external elements. Once the edges are smooth, with a buttery finish, a coating of edge coat and beeswax provides the final seal. This coating has a slight shine that dissipates over time, soaking into the edges of the leather.  

All our products are handmade to order. Please allow upto 3 weeksfor production time.